Precision Heat and Air

Precision Heat and Air

A home or workplace should have a comfortable, regulated internal temperature for the benefit of its occupants. Information on heating, air cooling and air quality in the home or office space is what this site is all about.

Welcome to the new look website for Precision Heat and Air.

Inside you'll find useful and factual information on the many different ways in which a building can be heated or cooled depending on the ambient temperature outside so that a comfortable medium is maintained.

Keeping Cool When It's Hot Outside

air conditioningThe flip side to maintaining a warm place when the weather turns cold is keeping it feeling cool enough to be comfortable when the weather turns hot.

There are some natural ways to prevent a building getting too hot inside during the hottest time of the year, but air conditioning is easily the most popular.

Keeping a home cool during summer means those living there can enjoy the freedom to relax and do whatever it is they like to do.

The kids can do their homework or play games; students can study or spend time on their computers or tablets while parents can enjoy their hobbies or just watch TV in comfort.

In an air conditioned workplace, people can get on with their jobs in comfort during summer without suffering from the draining effects of too much heat.

Productivity is better and people are happier.

Keeping Warm When It's Cold Outside

heaterKeeping your home or working base warm during the colder months of the year is one of the important sides of life.

Warmth is essential to enable the inhabitants to enjoy the kind of natural comfort and well being that is often taken for granted in modern times.

A cold home is uninviting and uncomfortable to live in for people of a healthy disposition.

But for the elderly, infirm or the very young, being chilled through lack of heat for any length of time can be a potential threat to health or even life itself.

A cold office or workplace aside from flouting health and safety laws will likely suffer from reduced productivity.

That's because a cold and uncomfortable workforce may spend more time making and drinking hot drinks to help them keep warm than actually working!

Don't be uncomfortable at home or at work if it's too hot or too cold. You can regulate your indoor temperature easily and in many cases economically with the right heating and cooling equipment that is modern and efficient.

Ventilation and Air Quality

There's more to maintaining a healthy living or working environment than just making sure the indoor temperature is at the right level all year round. The quality of the air people breathe is an important factor to consider.

Airborne pollutants can and often do disperse throughout an office block as easily as in the home. Acting to keep the air as purified as is necessary as well as maintaining the right level of ventilation is something that should be given priority.

A badly ventilated work space can lead to the build up of certain pollutants that are specific to the type of work being undertaken on the premises. It can also lead to humidity issues that bring with them all kinds of additional problems for workers as well as for the building itself.

Maintaining a good ventilation and air purification system is important to ensure the good health of the workforce while providing a pleasant and healthy atmosphere for people to work in.

So you can see there is a lot to think about when you look at both commercial and home air quality and temperature maintenance and it's all in here for you to discover.