This is the about page of www.precisionheatandair.com which outlines what the site is about, introduces its author and states its mission.

The site itself is intended as an information resource for anyone that wants to know more about the many different ways of maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature through heating and air cooling technologies. It sets out to explain the various ways of creating an artificial interior temperature level that is independent of what the external weather would otherwise dictate it be.

There are many natural ways of regulating a building's internal temperature and these are explained as well as those that rely on the ingenuity of mankind to produce machines that create warmth or coolness to use as is necessary.

The site's mission is therefore to inform and to an extent, educate the visitor who wishes to lean more about the home or workplace environment and how it is regulated mechanically or naturally.

Joe Breesen

Hi, I'm the author and main contributor of this site, Joe Breesen. I'm an air conditioning and heating technician and I like to think I'm something of an expert in the field. I have created this website to share some of my knowledge in the hope it might help some people to better understand their heating and cooling equipment a little better.

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