Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioner

Have you ever considered buying a self evaporating portable air conditioner for the home to replace an old or worn out model to help cut down on maintenance while improving on efficiency and economy?

Well, if your home is in need of an easy to use, portable, inexpensive cooling solution, this is a good choice.

Let's take a look at why this is.

Dual Hose Exhaust

a self evaporating portable air conditionerA "dual hose" equipped, fully self evaporating portable air conditioning unit can be an excellent choice when a free standing cooling unit is the best solution for your home.

The gains in efficiency plus economy make this format of cooling appliance a superior choice over a single hose equipped model.

If you are prevented from installing a window AC or perhaps a larger, mini-split system due to certain restrictions imposed by a landlord when you're renting, this may be your only choice.

Likewise, if the only available window is not suitable for a window AC unit, a free standing AC may be the next best choice.

That may at first glance appear to be a serious limitation especially when you live in a very hot climate with hot summers and there is no central air to deal with high temperatures.

However, it's not such bad news, really, as we shall see further along.

Portable Air Conditioning

To circumvent many rented property restrictions, a portable AC can be the best way to keep your home cool in summer.

The only better option is if you're lucky enough to live in a place that has a very dry climate. In such a case, a swamp cooler makes a far cheaper-to-run cooling alternative.

For most people that live in a more humid climate, that means it's not possible to get much cooling power from a swamp cooler. So AC is the only realistic solution.

There are two main variants of portable AC model that you can buy in hardware stores and online.

Traditional Portable AC

The more common type of AC is the single exhaust-hose unit that is fitted with a drain hose and water catchment tray to cater for condensed moisture being produced by the refrigeration process inside the unit.

There are some dual exhaust hose models too. However, they still need to be drained or their water tray has to be emptied periodically.

The other type is this: A self evaporating portable air conditioner, and that's what we're looking at in this article.

This type of AC unit is generally fitted with a dual hose exhaust system, that provides better economy and efficiency. The most important feature of this type of AC is that it doesn't need to be drained or have a water tank emptied every so often!

How Does a Self Evaporating AC Work?

Let's take a look at how these cooling appliances work.

You are probably already aware that all air conditioning devices will produce condensation internally. This is the result of drawing in warm, moist air from the room and passing across cold coils to chill it.

As the air is chilled, the moisture it naturally contains condenses on those cold pipes inside the unit. That's what drips into a container in regular AC models.

In our self-evaporative AC models, in stead of letting that condensed water drip down into a container, patented technology re-uses that water to make the cooling process more efficient. It does that by re-using the moisture to help cool the coils, then re-evaporates the water and expels it out of the unit through its exhaust hose to the outside.

This clever process goes a long way to helping reduce the device's energy usage, making it all the more economical to run.

The water container is still there, but it's primary use is now to catch water created during the unit's dehumidification mode. However, under normal cooling conditions, all of the excess moisture is removed from the unit through its self-evaporative process, so the container does not fill with water to be emptied.

If that sounds like a great idea that will cause you far less hassle, you'd be correct!

Do Self Evaporative AC Units Cost More?

These models do cost a little more than non-evaporating AC units to buy.

But the extra few dollars are soon recuperated by the slightly lower energy bills and into the bargain you get to do away with one of the chores of owning a portable AC unit:

No more emptying the container every so often!

For these main reasons, these devices are a pretty good investment. They may not be quite as efficient as a mini-split or self contained window AC, or as cheap to run as an evaporative cooler (ventless air conditioner), but if you are not able to install those types of cooler in your place, a portable AC is the next best thing.

So next time you go looking around your local hardware store or if you are browsing online for a new portable air conditioning unit, be sure to look out for one of these dual hose, fully self evaporating AC units from one of the top manufacturers.

You will be delighted with your choice!