Alpine Air Purifiers

Do you suffer from allergies, breathing problems and indoor air quality related health problems?

Alpine air purifiers clean the air in your home detoxifying and removing airborne particulates that are potentially harmful to health, while leaving the air fresh and pleasantly breathable for all your family.

Modern homes are generally well insulated and draft-proofed to help reduce power consumption of heating and air cooling systems and save money.

The only downside to a virtually airtight house is the air inside quickly becomes stale through not being cycled with fresh outside air.

Gradual Reduction in Air Quality

pure indoor airAs the air becomes stale, the polluting airborne particles such as dust, smoke and chemicals increase in number, increasing the instances of respiratory allergies developing.

Odors also linger for a long time, increasing as more are added from cooking, cleaning as well as natural human and pet bodily emissions and after a while, despite constant cleaning the house smells bad.

What's the answer?

There are two ways to combat this problem.

  1. One is pretty obvious but not always the best solution for a number of reasons.
  2. The other is one that overcomes most of the problems of the first solution but costs more.

Two Ways to Improve Indoor Air Freshness

The cheapest and simplest way to enjoy fresher, cleaner air indoors is to simply open all the windows and doors.

That's to allow the fresh air from outside to permeate through the house and expel the bad air.

Unfortunately, this option is not desirable during certain times of the year. This includes the cold days of winter, when heating costs are high, or during the hottest days of summer when running air conditioning to maintain a comfortable temperature is also expensive.

The second solution is to purchase a good quality air purifying machine, such as one of the Alpine models I'll be highlighting below. Sure it will cost a few hundred dollars to buy, but once you have it, the machine will sit in the corner happily cleaning and freshening the air in your home all day and all night, 24/7.

The obvious advantage of using an air purifier over opening windows is you get to keep the indoor temperature stable. It means you don't have to waste all the energy your heating or air conditioning system has been using to create that comfortable climate inside for you and your family.

What Size Air Purifier Do I Need?

A pretty common question concerns the size of device you'd need to effectively purify the air in your entire home. The answer depends on a few factors such as:

As a general rule of thumb, if your home is predominantly open plan with most or all rooms leading off a main central entrance space or hall, then you can get away with a slightly smaller unit if placed in the entrance space.

If rooms are situated at odd points and there is a tendency for doors to be kept closed, it may be that you'd be better off buying two or more smaller "one room" purifying machines.

Let's take a look now at some of the devices that are available that I can recommend. I'm approaching this from an environmental standpoint as I like to work with appliances that use minimal power to get the job done and thereby create the lowest impact on the environment as possible.

Classic LA-3500 v2.0 Living Lightning™ Alpine Air Purifier Review

Buy the Classic LA-3500 v2.0 Alpine Air Purifier This is one of the most popular models in the range from Alpine, with over one million units in use worldwide!

That's a lot of recommendation right there, but what makes this model the best indoor air purifier on the market?

It has been tested and proven to work in cleaning and deodorizing indoor air. It does this by removing pollutants and eliminating harmful airborne bacteria and irritants that advertise their presence by the unpleasant odors they produce as well as the respiratory irritations they create in human occupants.

Here are some of the LA-3500's main features:

This unit utilizes the same technology as that used in the Pentagon to successfully treat indoor air pollution following 9/11! The unit can be set up to work in the home, the office and also in a car, boat, RV or trailer if needed. alpine air purifier review

The unit produces clean, fresh air that invigorates and engenders better health. When you're breathing in unpolluted air, you notice a big difference in your state of well being.

You'll have fewer headaches, be less prone to allergies and suffer less respiratory and sinus problems. These are things that are generally attributed to breathing contaminated indoor air for prolonged periods, which is something many people do unwittingly when they spend a lot of time in the home if the bad weather outside forces you to.

Buy Online

You can buy this model online direct from the manufacturer's website by clicking the link below or clicking the image of the model above.

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